Bigpond Webmail Login Australia – Access from Mobile and PC

Looking for How to access my Bigpond webmail? Let me share Bigpond webmail login Australia guide also clearing many questions of Telstra webmail login from this post,

Telstra Media is one of the most popular Internet service providers of Australian, Millions of users using its services, but still many users are getting confused between Telstra media webmail login and my Bigpond webmail, SO here we are clearing both, Please let read…

Bigpond Webmail

An Australian Internet service provider Telstra Media is formerly known as Bigpond is based in Melbourne with the largest ISP.

Since 2013 Bigpond brand has been in the process of being phased out in favor of full Telstra Branding. However, Bigpond movies are the only service left that uses the Bigpond brand after 2016.

The Main Advantages of Bigpond Email service:

Bigpond webmail provides 1GB of data storage. Nowadays, most of the people trying to exchange music and video files over an email due to this space become fall.

  • The best approach to avoid the ‘mailbox full’ or reduce Telstra emails problem.
  • To reduce Telstra emails, problem users have to set up Telstra Bigpond emails to the local machine by using email programs.
  • Another reason to send/receive Telstra email messages from Telstra Bigpond webmail because the service has deleted the email messages that are older than 180 days to reduce Telstra email problems.
  • Moreover, if users want to access Telstra emails on Bigpond webmail, then, send/receive Telstra emails to the personal folder.
  • The users allow creating multiple folders as they want to segregate all the messages to reduce Telstra emails problem via Telstra webmail login.
  • Using set up Telstra Bigpond webmail, users able to purchase the additional mailboxes that can access Telstra emails via the Telstra webmail login or can send/receive Telstra emails.

Create Bigpond Webmail Account

To create a new Bigpond Email through phone or personal computer, a user has to follow the given instructions. These are a few and quick processes to follow and get an account on Telstra.

  1. Log in to Telstra 24×7 My Account with your Telstra ID.
  2. Click on the ‘Plans and Usage‘ column and tap on. Manage your email accounts.
  3. Look for the list of current and past email addresses.
  4. Please enter the username you want to create your account with and check its availability. If the username you entered is correct and then go for the next process.
  5. Now you will be required to enter a password that complies with the password parameters, i.e., lowercase letter, Uppercase letter, A number, Between 8-10 characters.

How Access Bigpond Webmail

You can access your Bigpond Email from your mobile phone and pc by following below given easy steps. The company provides not only wholesale operations but also personal.

And business services as it offers mobile and fixed phone networks, mobile broadband, home broadband, TV, NBN, and mobile phone to its customers. It is becoming an overhaul and an entirely new interface for the users.

  1. Select and open Bigpond Email application on your mobile phone or PC and Go to here. You will see a login screen.
  2. Click on ‘Account Services’ from the upper right corner, and from here, select WEBMAIL.
  3. Wait for a new screen to beap peared.
  4. When the new screen gets appeared, enter your username, which will end with these domain names such as [email protected],,, or
  5. After entering a username, fill your Password. If you are using a personal computer, then also tap on ‘Remember Username.’
  6. Selecting the option of ‘Remember Username,’ will save your time, and your personal computer will save your username. And next time, if you want to login to the webmail, you will be required to enter the only Password.
  7. Then click on the blue login button. And it will direct you to your email inbox.
  8. In case, if you have forgotten your Username or Forgotten Password, then you can quickly recover your account by following simple instructions.

Reset Password of Bigpond Webmail

You can reset your passwords of Bigpond Email address by below-given steps: For resetting the password, the user is required to complete a few instructions, and through this process, the Password will be reset.

1. First, you have to visit the forgotten password page of Bigpond Email Address.

2. Enter Correct Username / Email address in the Username field.

3. Now you have to confirm you are not Robot by ticking the box.

4. Click on Send Email.

5. Now you will see the Reset passwords Email sent a confirmation.

6. Check your Bigpond Registered Email inbox for the passwords reset EEmailwhich will take approximately 10 minutes to arrive.

7. Check your Junk e-mails. If, in case you had not received the password reset email, then you can even click the resent the EEmailfrom last screen of reset passwords.

8. You will receive the passwords reset link which you can copy and paste to browser.

9. Now you will be redirected to Create New Password page.

10. Now you have to Enter a new password In the ‘New password field’ Then again in ‘Re-enter Password’s field.’ The given Password should comply with the criteria such as lowercase letter, Uppercase letter, A number, Between 8-10 characters.

11. Now click Reset Password, which will direct you the page, which confirms your password reset. Now you can log in with your New passwords to your Bigpond Email address.

Helpline Number

If a user is going through any problem in using Telstra account or any other Telstra service, then the company has 24×7 helpline service available for the customers.

All Language helpline Number
Arabic    1800 726 001
Vietnamese    1800 644 500
Cantonese    1800 677 008
Mandarin    1800 678 876
Another language Call 131 450
Other Local Contact detail Check Here

They will solve your query related to any Internet, mobile and devices, Telstra mail, and billing and accounts. Users can contact the helpline by writing an email or directly by dialing their customer helpline number.

How do I access my Bigpond webmail?

You can see it on Bigpond webmail. the complete online tutorial mentioned accessing my Bigpond webmail whenever if you still looking for a further guide then follow easy steps:-

  • Simply visit or click here.
  • After then navigate the upper side webmail link.
  • After clicking the webmail link, you will see the login box.
  • Just enter your email and dedicated Password.
  • Just hit enter and process will be done.

What happened to my Bigpond email?

Many people don’t know that Bigpond now changed in Telstra, So mail is replaced with to So now users no longer get their emails in Bigpond.

Is Telstra mail the same as Bigpond?

Yes, Both are the same, Actually, sometimes look like different, but now both are the same. But users are still in confusion.


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